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Being an English graduate I wanted to Pursue my career in the language and hence I enrolled for IELTS examination in Aspire Bangalore. Indeed it was a delightful experience. The Faculties were very clear with their points and guided each one of us with utmost sincerity. Thank you team Aspire Bangalore.



Aspire is one of the best places to study in Bangalore to live your dreams of Abroad. I Am eternally grateful to my IELTS teachers who not only taught me the subject but inspired me to pursue my dreams. Every single minute spent here was worth every penny Thank you team Aspire Bangalore.


The IELTS consists of four subtests: listening, reading, writing and speaking examinations. Academician and general training people will take the same listening and speaking tests, but different reading and writing tests. The listening, reading and writing of all IELTS exams are done on the same day without any interval. However, the Speaking test can be scheduled a week earlier or later the examination.

The IELTS results are scored on a 9-band scale in 0.5-band increments, with 9 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. Aspirants will receive an overall band score, as well as individual band scores for each test section – (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking).

The IELTS is a 2-hour and 44-minute-long test.

The IELTS test fee in India is INR 15,500.
You have to register for your IELTS exam through the IELTS IDP India website. To know more about the process of registration visit:


The IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System”.

The IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge English.

People who are aspirants of English language and dream to study or pursue their careers in native English speaking countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.


IELTS offer two formats: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. IELTS Academic: Undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to continue their studies in foreign universities or colleges. IELTS General Training: People who want to pursue secondary education , seeking job opportunities and planning to migrate to native English language speaking countries. Aspirants can apply according to their requirements.

The IELTS test is conducted in two different modes: Paper-based IELTS and Computer-delivered IELTS
It is the traditional method where students will take up the examination in the IELTS exam centre allocated to them . For Reading, writing and listening exams Question paper and answer sheets will be given and you can answer either with Pen or HB Pencil.The speaking test is conducted one-on-one with a certified IELTS examiner.


It is very similar to Paper-based IELTS except the fact that it will be taken in front of the desktop. The speaking test will be conducted in a silent room, face to face with a certified IELTS examiner


The scores of Paper-based IELTS are revealed in a period of fourteen days and the computer-delivered IELTS scores are revealed in three to five days after the examination.

IELTS scores are valid for a maximum of 2 years.

Aspirants above the age of 16 years can apply for the examination
Each institution sets its own minimum IELTS score to meet their requirements. The marks are scored in a 9 band system and hence there are no pass or fail mark in IELTS


The aspirants shall carry with them the IELTS admit card , Identity proof and necessary stationeries for the examination.
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