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English Foundation

Aspire Global Education offers an English Foundation programme designed to give pupils a strong linguistic base of the language which focuses on grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing abilities as well as other key facets of the English language. We work to improve student’s comprehension and English competence through dynamic lessons, fun exercises, and useful applications by which students acquire confidence in their communication skills to lay a solid basis for future language development.

Video Lessons

Aspire Global Education offers a large selection of more than 200 video lessons which cover a variety of themes and disciplines enabling students a comprehensive and varied educational experience because they cover a variety of themes and disciplines. For students to have a multitude of tools to advance their learning and understanding, our video classes are made to be instructive, engaging, and accessible.

Exam-Specific Coaching

Aspire Global Education provides specialized coaching programmes for international language tests and study abroad exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE, GMAT, SAT and government exams. Our coaching programmes are specifically designed to address the demands of each exam, emphasizing the pertinent topics, exam formats, and exam methods. Our English experts offer thorough advice to increase student’s chances of success, whether it be through online or in-class coaching.

Sessions for Motivation And Counseling

Aspire Global Education holds inspiring and empowering motivational seminars with the goal of assisting students in maintaining motivation and overcoming any challenges acknowledging the difficulties and stress of exams. Additionally, we provide counseling sessions to assist students with time management, efficient study methods, and stress management connected to exams.

Practice Sessions

Aspire Global Education offers a number of practice tests and exams that mimic the actual exam setting exhibiting the value of practice for any exam preparation. These exams assist students in becoming accustomed to the exam style, effective time management, and the identification of areas that need work. Students receive thorough performance analysis and feedback to help them monitor their development and strengthen their areas of weakness.

Doubt-Clearing And Individual Attention

Aspire Global Education places a high value on providing each student with individualized attention and support while fostering a positive learning environment where they may voice their concerns. Both in-class and in specially designated periods for question-answering, our faculty members are always ready to answer student’s questions. We think that for students to understand challenging ideas and lay a solid foundation, they need to get individualized instruction.

Technology-Enabled Learning

Aspire Global Education uses technology to improve our student’s learning opportunities. Access to additional study resources, lecture recordings, and practice exams is available through our learning management systems and online platforms. In order to promote cooperative learning and information sharing, students can also engage in virtual discussion forums with both faculty members and other students.

24/7 Email Support

Aspire Global Education offers 24/7 email support from our English experts to address the requirements and concerns of our students. Our devoted support staff is accessible around-the-clock to respond to any worries or inquiries in a timely manner, ensuring that students have a seamless and effective communication channel to ask questions and get answers.

45 Days



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  • Access to online student portal

  • 1000+ Questions across topics

  • 500+ Practice tests and Assignments

  • 45 days sessions

  • 50+grammar videos

  • Full length mock tests

  • Online and live lessons


  • Guaranteed score Improvement

  • Certified Expert Trainers

  • Unlimited doubt clearing sessions

  • Individual consultation

  • Individual performance analysis

  • Career Counseling

  • Interview preparation

  • College short- listing

  • Visa processing

  • Loans and Scholarships

  • 24/7 email and online tutor support

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Do you provide certification or placement assistance for students who successfully complete the spoken English course?

Definitely, yes. We help students improve their employment skills while still providing guidance, support, certification and recommendation. To aid students in their professional chances, Aspire Global Education concentrates on comprehensive personality development, including resume preparation and interview skills.

Are there any restrictions on when I can enroll in the spoken English course?

Depending on their availability students may enroll in our Spoken English course at any time because we offer rolling admissions. You can always contact our academy to inquire about enrolment times and seat availability as we have 24/7 customer support.

Do the spoken English classes take place in person or online?

Aspire Global Education provides spoken English classes both in-person and online. Aspire Global Education gives you the freedom to select the type of teaching that best suits your time and needs.

Is there any course material or reading material provided for the spoken English course?

Yes, Aspire Global Education offers our students thorough course materials and study aids. These resources include practice tasks, vocabulary lists, grammar rules, mock tests and other information to aid with your study.

Do I need any prior knowledge of English to enroll in the spoken English course?

No, all levels of students including beginners are welcome in our spoken English course. Our course is appropriate for you whether you want to learn English completely from scratch or just improve what you already know.

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