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What Is GRE?

The GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. Admission to graduate degrees typically requires passing a standardised test, particularly in the US. The GRE Exam is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Several abilities that are thought to be essential for success in graduate-level academic courses are evaluated by the GRE. These skills are measured in the verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking sections of the exam. It is designed to provide a standardised evaluation of a student’s readiness for graduate-level study.

The Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing parts make up the majority of the GRE. The GRE is only one part of the application process for graduate school, other factors, including a student’s academic history, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and other requirements established by particular colleges or programmes, are also taken into account.

GRE Exam Format

The majority of the GRE is made up of the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections. Your vocabulary, critical thinking, and reading comprehension skills are assessed on the Verbal Reasoning section. In the quantitative thinking section, mathematical and problem-solving abilities are assessed. The Analytical Writing section of the exam gauges a test-taker’s ability to analyse a situation and construct a solid case. The exam is adaptive and computer-based, which means that the questions’ degree of difficulty adjusts in response to the test-taker’s performance. The Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning portions are scored on a scale of 130 to 170, while the Analytical Writing test is graded on a scale of 0 to 6.

GRE Sections

Analytical Writing

The Analytical Writing Assessment, or “essay” component, assesses your ability to express your ideas and reactions to challenging concepts in a concise and logical manner. Creating a solid theory in response to novel and unfamiliar themes is essential for succeeding in analytical writing.

You will be asked to “Analyse an Issue” and “Analyse an Argument” throughout the two, independently timed exercises in analytical writing. In the “Analyse an Issue” exercise, you’ll read a viewpoint on a general interest subject and receive guidance on how to react to the problem at hand. You must evaluate an argument for the “Analyse an Argument” activity in accordance with the prompt’s guidelines.

Verbal Reasoning

The GRE’s verbal section assesses your analytical skills and coherence between sentences, words and ideas. Verbal reasoning tests come in a variety of formats:


Fill-in-the-blank questions for text completion (TC) need you to finish phrases. There are also 1-, 2-, and 3-blank questions as variations. Each Verbal part contains roughly six of these, and you should strive to finish them all in 1 to 1.5 minutes. You’ll need to expand your vocabulary and hone your ability to fill in the blanks using context cues from the phrase in order to master them. There is no partial credit for these questions, you must accurately fill in every blank to obtain credit.


You must complete a single blank in a sentence equivalence (SE) question with one of two options that results in a logically equivalent pair of phrases. In each Verbal part, there will be about four SE questions. Try to finish each in around a minute. To master SE questions, you’ll need to practise expanding your vocabulary and spotting context cues, just as with TC questions.


Questions about reading comprehension (RC) are based on passages of one or more paragraphs that present an argument or explanation of a subject. RC questions call for you to comprehend the text’s main concepts and its organisation, as well as to read the chapter in detail and make reliable deductions from it. The ability to strategically read and paraphrase is needed for RC questions.

You should try to spend an average of 1-3 minutes on reading a piece and one minute on every question. Each Verbal segment will include about 10 RC questions linked to five distinct passages.

Why Choose Aspire For GRE Coaching?

Expert Teachers

Aspire’s GRE Academy in Bangalore has a staff of very talented teachers who have years of expertise instructing GRE ideas and techniques. They have a proven track record of assisting pupils in achieving high scores.

Customised Study programmes

Aspire provides individualised study programmes that are based on the requirements of each student. They might evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each student and create study plans that concentrate on those areas that need work.

Small Class Sizes

To ensure individualised attention and improved student-teacher interaction, Aspire’s GRE Training in Bangalore maintains small class sizes. This enables teachers to respond to certain questions and provide students with customised instruction.

Advanced Study Materials

Textbooks, practice exams and internet resources are all made available to students as part of the full study materials package. These resources are frequently updated to reflect the most recent GRE exam content and structure.

Mock Examinations & Performance Analysis

GRE Coaching in Bangalore regularly administers mock examinations that replicate the conditions of the actual GRE exam. They provide thorough performance-analysis, highlighting on areas of improvement that helps students to boost their overall scores.

Anology Integration

To improve their learning experience, students can employ cutting-edge technological tools and platforms. Online practice sessions, video lectures, and interactive learning modules could all fall under this category.

Application Support

Aspire goes above and beyond GRE preparation by providing direction and help throughout the whole application process. They are the Best GRE Coaching in Bangalore because they can help with personal statement writing, university selection, and interview preparation. 

Supportive Learning Environment

Encourages students to work together, exchange information, and learn from one another. GRE Academy Bangalore creates a helpful and stimulating learning atmosphere.

Options for Flexible Learning

To meet students’ schedules and learning preferences, Aspire provides flexible learning choices like online courses and in-person interactive sessions.

Success Stories

 Look for success stories and testimonials from previous students who have benefited from Aspire’s coaching. Positive feedback and high success rates can indicate the amount and quality of training we provide to our students.

Video Testimonials

Jitesh : GRE 320


Students are offered tutoring from the certified and  best instructors who themselves cleared GRE with 95% making it the Best GRE Coaching in Bangalore. 

Aspire’s GRE Academy Bangalore offers a 6 months GRE course with a complete guide to the syllabus, intensive work materials, test series and regular mock exams.

Currently 90+ countries accept the GRE exam. Some of the top countries are USA, UK, China, Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, etc., Aspire’s GRE Training in Bangalore not only mentors students but also offers loans and scholarships and also arrange visa, travel and accommodation to students.

Yes, the GRE exam can be written once in every 21 days and could be attempted 5 times a year. Any person  who wants to pursue their masters degree can appear for this exam irrespective of their group. Aspire’s GRE Coaching in Bangalore has 90% success rate where most of the students pass in their first attempt itself.

Candidates seeking master’s degrees choose the GRE General Test, whereas the GRE topic Test evaluates their knowledge of a specific topic. An applicant should always confirm if the college or programme where they are applying genuinely requires a GRE Subject exam or not before registering for the test. The topic exam should only be taken after the general test; otherwise, it is not necessary to take both tests.

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